Kalamazoo Garden Solutions

Kalamazoo Garden Solutions is the merchandising branch of Kalamazoo Flower Group. Our focus is on stocking and organizing garden center displays at retail locations. Other services include arranging Point of Purchase (POP) material, organizing on-site customer activities to promote gardening and live goods, and educating garden center retailers on the proper care and maintenance of live goods.

Our Team

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
— Henry Ford

Meet the members of our management and operations teams...


Dave Korringa.JPG

Dave Korringa
WM TAP Merchandising Program Manager

Toll Free: 800-253-4898 x221
Direct: 269-216-1221
Cell: 616-540-7864
Email: davidk@kvpg.com


Jamie Bracheau
MJ Merchandising Program Manager

Toll Free: 800-253-4898 x205
Direct: 269-216-1205
Cell: 989-390-9136
Email: jamieb@kvpg.com

Jenni Burt.JPG

Jenni Burt Administrative Assistant

Direct: 317-626-7678
Email: jburt@kvpg.com



Nick Hudson.JPG

Nick Hudson
Regional Manager

Eastern Ohio

Direct: 631-816-6893
Email: nhudson@kvpg.com


Traci Nesbit.JPG

Traci Nesbit
Regional Manager

Mid & Southern Indiana

Direct: 317-496-4566
Email: tnesbit@kvpg.com


Shannon Owens
Regional Manager

Northwest Indiana & Western Michigan

Direct: 574-276-8772
Email: sowens@kvpg.com


Roseanne Seibert.JPG

Roseanne Seibert
Regional Manager

Eastern Michigan & Western Ohio

Direct: 269-568-6242
Email: rseibert@kvpg.com 


Carla Wright.JPG

Carla Wright
Regional Manager

Indiana & Northwest Ohio

Direct: 765-318-7498
Email: cwright@kvpg.com


Michele Reid.JPG

Direct: 269-568-6298
Email: mreid@kvpg.com

Michele Reid
Regional Manager

Southern Michigan



Becky Patterson
Field Coordinator

Central Indianapolis

Direct: 317-494-1537
Email: beckyp@kvpg.com

Amy King.JPG

Direct: 989-415-5302
Email: amyk@kvpg.com

Amy King
Field Coordinator

Northern Indianapolis/ Ft. Wayne

Crissy Cook.JPG

Crissy Cook
Field Coordinator

North Detroit


Direct: 810-956-4789
Email: crissyc@kvpg.com

Luke Kesson.JPG

Luke Kesson
Field Coordinator

South Detroit

Direct: 734-888-8064
Email: lukek@kvpg.com


Robin Kesson
Field Coordinator

West Michigan

Direct: 517-677-2144
Email: robink@kvpg.com


Audra Williams.JPG

Audra Williams
Field Coordinator

East Michigan

Direct: 313-282-7621
Email: audraw@kvpg.com

Jodi Sinclair.JPG

Jodi Sinclair
Field Coordinator

Southern Indianapolis

Direct: 317-794-5905
Email: jodis@kvpg.com



Deb Poffenberger
Field Coordinator

Western Ohio & Fort Wayne

Direct: 260-229-0688
Email: debp@kvpg.com



Sharla Meyer
Field Coordinator

Northern Indiana

Direct: 574-238-8034
Email: sharlam@kvpg.com



Pam Walther
Field Coordinator


Direct: 419-419-9731
Email: pamw@kvpg.com


Megan Dillon.JPG

Megan Dillon
Field Manager 1 - Northwest Ohio

Direct: 269-330-6392
Email: mdillon@kvpg.com

Gary Livesay.JPG

Gary Livesay
Field Manager 2 - Western Ohio

Direct: 269-762-0052
Email: glivesay@kvpg.com


Christin Jones.JPG

Christin Jones
Field Manager 3 - Southern Indiana

Direct: 269-762-2858
Email: cjones@kvpg.com


Toni Bisson.JPG

Toni Bisson
Field Manager 4 - Western Indiana

Direct: 269-568-6103
Email: tbisson@kvpg.com


Sue Moore.JPG

Susan Moore
Field Manager 5 - Southern Indianapolis

Direct: 765-346-0117
Email: smoore@kvpg.com

Julie Logsdon.JPG

Julie Logsdon
Field Manager 6 - Northeast Indiana

Direct: 269-568-6139
Email: jlogsdon@kvpg.com


Carla Raue.JPG

Carla Raue
Field Manager 7 - Northwest Indiana, Southwest Michigan

Direct: 269-568-6057
Email: craue@kvpg.com

Amanda T.jpg

Amanda Thompson
Field Manager 8 - West Michigan

Direct: 269-568-0160
Email: athompson@kvpg.com



Joy Grembo
Field Manager 9 - East Michigan

Direct: 269-568-2790
Email: jgrembo@kvpg.com



Jillian Smalley
Field Manager 10 - North Michigan

Direct: 269-568-2663
Email: jsmalley@kvpg.com


Britni Taylor
Field Manager 11 - Southwest Ohio

Direct: 269-762-0053
Email: btaylor@kvpg.com


Lance Gorby
Field Manager 12 - Central Ohio

Direct: 269-569-4082
Email: lgorby@kvpg.com


Danette Bradley
Field Manager 13 - Northern Indianapolis

Direct: 269-251-8537
Email: dbradley@kvpg.com


Chris Everts.JPG

Direct: 269-330-5641
Email: ceverts@kvpg.com

Christopher Everts
Field Manager 14 - Northeast Ohio

Alexandra Williams.JPG

Alexandra Williams
Field Manager 15 - North Central Ohio

Direct: 269-330-7303
Email: awilliams@kvpg.com

Samantha Hough.JPG

Samantha Hough
Field Manager 16 - Eastern Ohio

Direct: 269-330-9659
Email: shough@kvpg.com

Teresa Napier.JPG

Teresa Napier
Field Manager 17 - Southern Ohio

Direct: 269-330-8777
Email: tnapier@kvpg.com


Tammy Mikolaizik
Field Manager 18 - Southeast Michigan Northwest Ohio

Email: tmikolaizik@kvpg.com

Teresa Grossi.JPG

Teresa Grossi
Field Manager 19 - Central Michigan

Direct: 269-330-3789
Email: tgrossi@kvpg.com

Garrett Palmer.JPG

Garrett Palmer
Field Manager 20 - East Central Indiana

Direct: 269-330-4642
Email: gpalmer@kvpg.com